The PLAYS consortium is comprised of a dynamic group of partners who bring together a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience from across Europe. This diverse group of organizations, institutions, and individuals have come together with a shared vision to collaborate on the project and achieve its objectives.

“Ovidius” University of Constanta (OUC) – Romania

The mission of “Ovidius” University of Constanta is to create, maintain and disseminate knowledge at all levels of society through European standard education, research and artistic creation. The university is actively engaged in the local community and has an impact over the entire Black Sea region, within Europe and beyond its borders.

With about 18,000 students, of which 1,000 are international, OUC is the largest European Union university on the Black Sea coast.

The second main pillar of OUC mission is that of scientific research for technological development and innovation. In its organization there are two research institutes, and, in addition to these, OUC has 27 research centers, affiliated to its various departments and faculties. Over the last 15 years, the university has implemented more than 200 national and international projects.

Verde Foundation (VERDE) – Poland

Since its creation in 2011, the Verde Foundation has been managing the Cluster of Innovative Sport and Recreational Surfaces, which is a sector-specific organization of SMEs and institutes located mainly in the Lodzkie region in Central Poland, within the sport infrastructure sector.

Basically, the cluster was supporting its members in testing certain equipment, networking activities and business promotion. It works with the economic, financial, and scientific sector, research institutes, schools, training centres, lawyers, consulting companies and other organizations dealing with education, culture, new technologies, innovation, local and regional development.

Since 2018, VERDE promotes interregional cooperation, works on linking the cluster members to share knowledge and experience, develops a common strategy, creates and implements projects consistent with the goals of the foundation.

European Culture and Sport Organization (ECOS) – Italy

ECOS is an association of professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs aiming to foster and support the socioeconomic development of civil society through projects focused on sport and culture.

It is inspired by principles of good governance and collaboration, and committed to social issues, continuous research and professional training.

The association creates, manages and promotes sports, social and cultural initiatives based on creativity, freedom of expression and social inclusion, and related to grassroots sports, multisport activities, training, cinema and visual arts.

ECOS strives to stimulate the sharing of knowledge and the international collaboration through sport and cultural projects able to enhance development and good practices in the society, and so welfare and social cohesion.

Its key areas are sport, mental health, culture and social issues.

Portuguese Swimming Federation (FPN) – Portugal

The Portuguese Swimming Federation is the only entity in Portugal responsible for the definition of mission, values and objectives of national swimming, in all its variants, as well as its promotion and development.

FPN’s mission is to promote, rule and command on a national level the practise and teaching of swimming and other aquatics activities, always defending the foundations of sports ethics and representing Portugal at his highest level in the international competitions.

The FPN develops activities related to teaching and practice of swimming in several contexts and different fields. Indeed, the FPN seeks to develop and present experience in aquatic physical competence and to promote aquatic physical activities through a diversity of water skills at grassroots level leading to achieve good health and lifestyles in adulthood.

Associazione Italiana Cultura e Sport (AICS) – Italy


AICS (Italian Association of Culture and Sport) was established in 1962 as a National Organization of sport promotion. For 50 years AICS has been enlarging its action to different sectors: culture, social policies, social tourism and environment.

AICS moves from a Humanism Perspective and means sport, culture and tourism as social tools to develop active citizenship and to promote social cohesion into communities. According to the Eu Sport White Book principles, particularly focused on sport as a right for all and as a tool for personal long life learning, AICS acts, at a national and international level, to promote equal opportunities among people, to promote health and social inclusion, to combat doping, to contrast racism, bullying and violence and to promote sustainable environment.

AICS is enrolled at CONI (Italian Olympic Games Committee) as National Provider of sport for all.

AICS is composed of Regional Committees and Local Committees, to which clubs can be affiliated to achieve AICS missions and Statutory guidelines.  

Confederation Sportive Internationale du Travail (CSIT) – Austria


CSIT (International Workers and Amateurs in Sports Confederation) is a international Multi-Sports Organisation founded 1913 in Ghent/Belgium and was based on the historic ideas of the international labour movement. Nowadays, the main activities that CSIT is organising are the major and small sports events, more precisely Sport for All – Games for amateurs & workers, competitive & non-competitive, for young & old, men & women from all over the world. Sports events considered as festivals of friendship, cultural exchanges, events promoting awareness on tolerance, respect, sustainability & fair play in sport environment, addressed to unlimited size of participants; all those major and small events welcome CSIT members, non-member organisations, cooperation partners, governmental bodies, trade unions and business companies with sports activities for employees and amateurs worldwide.

Within the world of international sport, CSIT maintains its support for everyone to benefit from sporting activities regardless of their qualifications, talent, nationality, age, sex and social circumstances. During the last decade CSIT has grown rapidly up to a global organisation with 44 National Member sports organisations/ Unions from 35 countries, 3 continental member unions/ sports organisations and approx. 230 million individual memberships today.Most member unions/ sports organisations are from Europe.

Nova Child (NOVA) – France

Based in the region of « Pays de la Loire », in France, the cluster Nova CHILD drives a network including companies, research, and training institutes, with an innovative approach for the well-being of children, from 0 to 12 years old.

Nova CHILD gathers and coordinates a network of professionals from child market: food, childcare, furniture, fashion, toys, services, but also schools, research centers and training, technical centers who provide their skills and their expertise: marketing, human and social sciences, design, technical, medical, etc.

The mission of Nova CHILD is to contribute to the regional economic development and businesses by promoting collaborative approaches and partnerships to innovate for the well-being of the child.

Nova CHILD provides a real support for companies in their development and implementation of their innovative projects, facilitating appropriate approaches to their needs: structuring the project, identification and links with scientific actors, industrial, or financial engineering project.

Asociatia CPDIS (CPDIS) – Romania                             


Asociatia CPDIS is a non-profit organization founded in the fall of 2012 with the aim of promoting understanding and cooperation between people. Pursuing this aim, we encourage and promote all those initiatives that, in terms of solidarity and on the cultural-educational field, allow the interchange of ideas among different cultures, favour the easing of economic imbalances and promote the creation of a true culture of universality and peace.

Some of our other priorities include:

  • Establishment and facilitation of socially beneficial activities, having a direct and indirect impact on developing the youth potential.
  • Helping the youth in their efforts to formulate a complete, long-term and sustainable vision for the development of young people in Romania.
  • Development of unpopular tourist destinations in Romania and popularization of Romania historical and cultural heritage among the young people.

Stichting Sportservice Noord-Brabant (SSNB) – The Netherlands


The enterprising professionals of SSNB (Stichting Sportservice Noord-Brabant) have been committed to a healthy and resilient Brabant since 1979 as a knowledge partner and connector. SSNB is an independent non-profit foundation. We aim for social gain through the use of sports and exercise. We work together with governments, associations, education, care & welfare and the business community to strengthen the sports and exercise infrastructure. The aim is to get as many people as possible to participate in sports and exercise and thus also contribute to solving societal challenges. Because sports and exercise are universal, healthy, provides fun, is accessible and connects!